Message from Directors

Dear KBSC Community,

As the 2019-20 soccer season begins on August 19, 2019, with the start of the new school year, we welcome everyone back from their summer break.  We hope many of you watched the FIFA Women’s World Cup and applauded the US Women’s National Team for an inspirational repeat.  They showed great teamwork and commitment to overcome the pressures of being favorites.  They were united and unselfish, all working together towards one common goal.  We can learn many lessons from their success and apply them this year to our teams.  We hope that will motivate many girls to come out this year and enjoy playing in one of our programs at KBSC.

All programs start the week of August 19th and all players should report for practice, unless your coach has contacted you about starting earlier.  We have many teams and kids playing and we ask that everyone work together when sharing field space with other sports.  Be aware that to accommodate all sports and events during the season, we may have to make short-term scheduling changes or field locations.  However, we will make sure that all teams are getting their required practice sessions.  We will do our best to accommodate teams that require change of days or times with the least amount of conflict.

Competitive Travel

If you are on a Competitive Travel team and participated in the tryouts, you should have been notified in early June whether you made a team, along with your coach assignment.  Most of you responded and reserved your spots by making your online deposit payment.  Unfortunately, some parents did not commit by making their payment and their child may have been removed from the roster, pending your payment.  By delaying your payment, you are at risk of losing your spot and being demoted to another team.  Please contact your coach regarding your status.  Other teams have not been announced as we wait until the fall to see if we have enough players or join age groups.  But, after the first week, we should know everyone’s status and notify all parents of changes.

Competitive Travel evaluates players throughout the season based on natural talent, skill, maturity, teamwork, attitude and respect for others.  Players may move up or down from one team to another during the season. Decisions to move players is made on a case-by-case basis.  There may be occasions when a player will be invited to guest play or move permanently to fill a need on a team. Also, players develop differently and certain situations will dictate how the coaches manage their rosters.  

 Teams will not be chosen because…

  1.          They are best friends.
  2.          They attend the same school.
  3.          The parents get along and want to keep the group together.

We know that some decisions may not be in accordance with parents or players opinions, but we ask you to kindly respect the process.  If a parent would like to discuss their players selection on a particular team, they should speak directly with the coach or the Director of Coaching.

All Programs

Development is #1 priority for our club.  We will put extra focus on the girl’s development in Recreation and Competitive Travel, making sure that our coordinators work on the fundamentals and schedule special time to allow them to have more touch with the ball.  Our boys have tremendous depth across all age groups. We will promote a style of play that stresses possession football and technical skills for all programs. Development will zero in on the following areas:   

  1.          Technical ability
  2.          Tactical ability
  3.          Mental Strength  
  4.          Fitness Level
  5.          Commitment (from players and parents)

We have outstanding licensed coaches who continue to challenge themselves to be great teachers and mentors.  If you play on Competitive Travel, we will repeat the key word — Commitment.  Each player is expected to commit to the 9 month season.  Our coaching staff and directors will work constantly evaluate team progress and select the appropriate league and tournament levels to achieve the best developmental results. 

We have high expectations this season for all of our programs.  As our club competes at the highest levels at State Cup and regional/national tournaments, we are now considered among the top teams in South Florida.  With that comes huge responsibility.  It is important to conduct ourselves at practices and games at the highest standard.  That’s why we are going to emphasize RESPECT and DISCIPLINE this season.  We must adhere to the principals of the FYSA Code of Conduct.  All players and parents must manage their emotions and respect their teammates, opponents, referees, other parents during the season.  We will not tolerate disrespect and poor behavior.  Our staff will review all red cards issued this year and impose harsh discipline to anyone who does not conduct themselves properly.  Repeat offenders will be asked to leave the club.

We want to wish everyone in the KB community a healthy and fantastic season.  If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at your earliest convenience.


JC Gonzalez, Director of Coaching            Pichi Acosta, Director of Coaching
Competitive Travel & JR Academy            Recreation and Pee Wee     


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