Message from Directors

Dear KBSC Parents,

I hope everyone enjoyed their summer vacation and the World Cup got everyone excited to return. Shortly, we will be notifying you be email and posting on our website the practice schedule for the start of the season, all practices should be underway by the week of September 3. Some teams, depending on their commitments to early season, will start in August. Please understand that we must share fields in the Fall with field hockey, flag football and rugby; and in the Spring we share with field hockey, baseball and rugby. Therefore, the use of the fields are very limited. At some points during the season we may make changes to the schedule for some teams to ensure every team receives the required hours of training. We understand that parents plan their schedules with other activities for their children during the year. Thank you for your patience with the process.

On another note, after the completion of tryouts last June, multiple emails were sent during the summer to parents requesting deposits and commitment to reserve your spot on a team. Unfortunately, many failed to notify us and make their commitments. We cannot wait any longer for those not registered. Therefore, in some age groups, due to the lack of registered players, we have combined teams to make one complete committed team. Moving forward we will strive to develop every players technical and tactical ability within their respective team levels.

We want to thank you for your understanding and if you have any questions or concerns please email me at your earliest convenience.

I am looking forward to this upcoming season and to the many accomplishments that our club players will attain this year.


JC Gonzalez, Director of Coaching

Competitive Travel & Jr Academy

More about the 2018-19 Season

Welcome to the start of the 2018-2019 season. With our new synthetic fields on the Village Green, KBSC promises to have a spectacular year. Our Competitive Travel continues to grow and we hope to have 5 teams representing the girls age groups, more than any other season. We have tremendous depth in all our age groups and we are committed to developing our players to their fullest potential by focusing on fundamentals and a style of play that promotes possession football across all our programs, including JR Academy and Recreation.

Our programs will build on the following areas of development:

  1.          Technical ability
  2.          Tactical ability
  3.          Mental Strength  
  4.          Fitness Level
  5.          Commitment (from players and parents)

We have the best crew of coaches who continue to challenge themselves in being great teachers.  Special emphasis will be made on commitment, especially if you play on a Competitive Travel team.  Each player is expected to commit to the 9 month season.  Our coaching staff and directors will do their best to place our teams at the appropriate a league and tournament levels to achieve the best developmental results for our players. 

Competitive Travel evaluates players throughout the season based on natural talent, skill, maturity, teamwork, attitude and respect for others.  Players may move up or down from one team to another during the season. Decisions to move players is made on a case-by-case basis.  There may be occasions when a player will be invited to guest play or move permanently to fill a need on a team. Also, players develop differently and certain situations will dictate how the coaches manage their rosters.  

 Teams will not be chosen because…

  1.          They are best friends.
  2.          They attend the same school.
  3.          The parents get along and want to keep the group together.

We know that some decisions may not be in accordance with parents or players opinions, but we ask you to kindly respect the process.  If a parent would like to discuss their players selection on a particular team, they should speak directly with the coach or the Director of Coaching.

We wish all of our players good health and pure enjoyment this season.

Key Biscayne Soccer Club

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