We are excited to announce our new partnership with League Apps. We have created a simpler, easier registration process that allows parents to enroll and manage their account with a personal dashboard.  To register online for our programs and camps, please click on the following link: Register Here



All players that register for Competitive Travel have been evaluated and invited to play in our program. Each player agrees that they are making a full season commitment of 9 months (Sep-May) to play for KBSC. Therefore, when a player registers and makes their first payment, you are accepting the financial commitment to be a member of a team for the full season, and your registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. Based on player commitments, we hire our coaches for the full season.


Our programs are split into two seasons:  Fall/Winter (Sep-Feb) & Spring (Feb-May).  We expect all parents that register a player/s for a season, to make a commitment to play for that season.  Players have the option to register for either season or both seasons. Based on player commitments, we hire our coaches for a full season.


We recognize there are certain events that can transpire during the season that alter the players ability to continue to play on a team/program. If this occurs, the club will evaluate each situation on a case-by-case basis to determine special exceptions.  Under a special exception, a player will be charged only for the initial deposit and responsible for fees incurred up to the period that player could no longer participate in the program. Refunds will be applied on a pro-rata basis. Certain conditions qualify for a Special Exception:

  1. Family/player move to another residence outside the 25 mile radius from Key Biscayne.
  2. Temporary or permanent illness which precludes the player from playing for a minimum 3 month period.  A letter from a physician will be required.
  3. Season ending injury that will not allow the player to continue.  A medical evaluation and letter from a physician will be required.


If a player requests a “player transfer” to play for another youth soccer club, s/he must notify the Director of Coaching and formally request a release in writing. The request will be evaluated by the KBSC Directors and the decision of release remains solely at the discretion of the KBSC Directors.  Any player granted a release during the season by KBSC will pay a $350 release fee to the club.

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