Competitive Travel

A 9-10 month program designed for boys and girls that exhibit intermediate to advance skill levels, and make a commitment to participate in the most competitive leagues and tournaments in South Florida, Florida and nationally. They will be trained by certified coaches who will assist in skills development to enable players to their fullest potential.

Season: August 20, 2018 – May 27, 2019

Practices: Monday, Wednesday & Friday

League Games: Saturday & Sunday

In addition, all teams will be expected to play a minimum of 3 tournaments per year (one will require overnight stay), and 13 and over teams will be required to play in one of the State Cup competitions in the Spring, including President’s Cup or Florida State Cup.

Each team will be placed in the appropriate league based on a skill level assessment made by the coach and Director of Coaching.  The most competitive teams may be eligible to play in the Florida State Premier League (FSPL) which requires 6 overnight travel weekends during the season.  In addition, our older more competitive teams will be encouraged to participate in several national or regional showcase tournaments, providing the players the opportunity to play in front of college coaches and professional scouts.

When a player is selected to play for a Competitive Travel  team, he or she, along with the parent(s) understand and acknowledge that they making a significant personal time and financial commitment for the full season.  This includes weekly practices, league games, tournament games, overnight travel, and team meetings.  When a player accepts an invite to join a Competitive Travel team, they are expected to contribute to the additional financial contributions to cover travel, lodging and tournament or league fees.  Teams are expected to travel together and lodge at the same hotels to reduce travel expenses and mitigate logistical challenges.  Most tournaments are scheduled over Holiday weekends. Please review league and tournament dates with your coach to avoid personal or academic conflicts.  If you feel you cannot make the commitment, you should consider on of our less demanding recreational programs (JR Academy and Recreation).

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